System Administration

K.D. Rowell and Associates, Inc. (KDRA) provides software services for Oracle, Windows Server and Linux platforms. We manage your software infrastructure from installation and configuration through on-going maintenance, ensuring the highest levels of performance and minimizing downtime.

Our certified professionals complete system installation, configuration and testing using a "lights out" build process that ensures consistency and efficiency. In addition, our software professionals perform on-going troubleshooting, diagnosis and resolution for system errors and performance issues. KDRA ensures that your servers are kept current by applying security patches, service packs, and hot fixes as needed.

With Web applications, you receive all of the management services required to deploy and maintain your web-based and enterprise applications.

For high traffic sites, our engineers provide installation, configuration and testing of performance enhancements and fault-tolerant devices such as load balancers, caching engines and clustering solutions. Once your application is operational, experts perform on-going troubleshooting, diagnosis and resolution for system errors and performance issues.

Database Administration

KDRA offers database administration for commercial relational databases. This additional layer of management above the OS is available for two of the most common database applications - Oracle and Microsoft SQL.

KDRA will install, configure, maintain and manage the database application, ensuring that your environment is current with the most up-to-date security patches, hot-fixes and general updates. By having VeriCenter proactively manage this component, you greatly reduce your exposure to the known global security breaches and daily maintenance routines, thus lessening the possibility of these issues impacting your business.

Application Development

If your business requires a customized software application, KDRA can work with you and your organization to design, develop, test, and 'roll-out' a high quality application into production. We will work with your company to define your business requirements and then develop a plan to design, develop, test, and implement your custom application. We have the capability of working with a variety of development tools which allows us to choose the best tools for the job. Our philosophy is to rapidly deliver high quality applications at a low cost to our clients. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure customer satisfaction in the end. We will also work with your I.T. staff to provide the appropriate training to enable them to deliver on-going support for the new application.

Website Development Specials

Five (5) Page Websites - $800.00
Five day site development with your content and images.

Take a look at one or all of our sample 5 page websites:

The folloing items are needed, from the client, before a site is posted to the web:

  1.  Web content and images 
  2.  Website style selection   
  3.  Domain name established
  4.  Hosting plan established  
  5.  FTP account established  

If you need any assistance with items 3,4 or 5 please contact us.

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