K.D. Rowell and Associates, Inc. (KDRA), is your best source for customized programming, training and web solutions to support your ever changing business environment.

KDRA brings people, processes and technology together to enable change, optimize business practices, improve productivity and maximize employee investments.

KDRA is a group of diverse professional individuals dedicated to empowering people and simplifying change.

KDRA helps people realize the effective deployment of new computer technologies by creating and understanding the business processes. KDRA will integrate those business processes make them work by utilizing our knowledge of software development to make your investment in people and technology a total success.

With technology changing at a fevered pace and your organization trying to keep up, it is imperative that your employees are empowered with tools to master their ever changing environment.

The tools needed to support tecnology changes are software, training and experience, all of which KDRA is a leader.

KDRA makes change work. KDRA makes sure that everyone involved understands “Why” a change in process and technology is happening, “How” the change is occurring and “What” the goals and objectives are. KDRA firmly believes that when people understand change, they support and benefit from change.

KDRA will help your organization’s employees transition into the 21st Century.

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